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Task Management Tools

How would anyone exist without calendars and to do lists? Online versions of these tools--and other tools to help organize your professional and personal life--can help to make you more productive, more efficient, and more visible! A wide variety of tools are available for you online!

Google Calendar Explained

Classroom Uses

You can link online calendars or embed online calendars into your website. That will allow students, parents, and even other teachers to see your busy schedule and to plan in advance for upcoming projects and activities.

  • provide opportunities to schedule collaborative planning time with teachers
  • note project timelines and milestones
  • email calendar of special events
  • post links to "this day in history," etc
  • teach about time management, online calendars, etc.
  • recognize students birthdays and special events such as field trips
  • post author and illustrator birthdays and links to related websites
  • send reminders to self and others about upcoming events and deadlines
  • post assignment deadlines and suggested dates for steps in meeting the deadline
  • embed it in a wiki to plan events and conferences
  • print out schedules for the month, week, day


Google Calendar Screencast